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How far in advance should I place an order for my event? 

I recommend at least 3-4 weeks in advance, more during the summer wedding season. I would suggest you book your order as soon as possible once you know your event date. This is your special day, so I am very careful not to overbook and only accept a few orders each week. But even if your event date is less than a few weeks away, please check with me as I sometimes have last minute openings.

How do I go about booking my event? 

Please email me at confirming the following information. Once I have received your email, I will send you a bit more information on placing an order. 

  • Your name(s)

  • Event date & time

  • Venue name (& address if you need it delivered)

  • Anticipated guest count

  • Would you like to include delivery? (See below for details)​

How and when should my cake be displayed? 

A buttercream cake is fragile and will melt if it gets too warm, or if it is in the direct sun.  Your cake should be displayed in the shade or indoors. If you need the cake several hours before your event (for example pictures), and it's a hot day, I suggest cooling the cake in the refrigerator afterwards until just before the event time. 

What if I am not sure how I want my cake to look? 

You can find inspiration almost anywhere: your event colors, invitations, lifestyle pictures, your favorite artwork, your favorite flowers, color swatches and palettes that you find on Pinterest. Please email me pictures of your inspiration. We can discuss specific design ideas once I receive your pictures. 

Do you offer delivery? 

Yes, I offer free local delivery to Sabre Springs/Carmel Mtn. Outside the 92128 zip code the delivery fee starts at $25 and varies based on the distance to your event. My delivery range is San Diego County. Or you may pick up your order from my location in Sabre Springs (92128). Pick up times vary and are by appointment only. 

If I pick up from you how do I transport my cake to the venue?

The cake will be well refrigerated when you pick it up. Keep the cake box level, preferably on the floor of your car. Make sure the air conditioning is on and directed towards the cake to keep it cool. For cakes over two tiers I highly recommend delivery as this is a complex and delicate task to transport!

Do you offer options for dietary restrictions? 

While I am not a gluten or nut-free certified kitchen, and all of my cakes are made on the same equipment, I can accommodate most dietary restrictions including gluten-free, nut-free, and sugar-free, within the confines of my shared equipment.

Do you have a storefront?

No, I operate from a private studio that is closed to the general public. But I am available to meet you for a consultation either in-person or a video call. Consultation fees and appointment times vary. Please call or email for details.

Do you offer tastings?

I offer a to-go tasting box once per month.  They will include the flavors I bake that week and are $30 per four servings. Your cost will be reimbursed for wedding cake orders of $500 or more. You will need to request 1-2 weeks ahead of time and pick up your tasting sample from my location. Pick up times vary and are by appointment only.

How may I contact you for more information?

Please email me at As I am usually busy baking or decorating, please allow 24 hours for me to get back to you.

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